Terri Rosen is an Assistant Director of Disability and Access, helping students explore accommodations to ensure equal access in their courses and on campus. 

Terri graduated from St. Olaf in 2003 with a major in Social Studies Education and also earned a master's in Elementary Education from the University of St. Thomas. She spent a decade in the classroom, teaching at both the high school and elementary levels, prior to her eight year postion at the PACER Center as an assistive technology specialist and department director. She loved helping students learn about technology and tools, and in seeing the difference they can make to support access, independence and inclusion. Terri is excited that her role at St. Olaf combines her academic background with her life and job experience, and allows her to give back to the St. Olaf community. 

Terri enjoys spending time with her family, cooking and trying new foods, traveling, and experiencing the Minnesota seasons through walks and hikes.