Andrea Schmidt (she/her/hers) is a Visiting Assistant Professor of German and CORE faculty member in Gender and Sexuality Studies. She obtained her PhD in Comparative Literature, Cinema and Media Studies from the University of Washington. Her BA was in German and English literature. (A Cobber, she has an aunt and cousin who are both proud Oles.) She spent her final year of undergrad at the Friedich Schiller University in Jena, Germany, and also conducted a research year during graduate studies at the Humboldt University in Belin. She spent her final two years of her PhD teaching as a "lectrice" in the English Department at Paul Valery University in Montpellier, France, and is now fluent in French, as well. (Adults can learn languages, too!) Arriving at St. Olaf in Fall 2021, she is super excited to be at a liberal arts college setting in her home state of Minnesota.

Her research/teaching interests include the historical film/costume dramas, as well as transmedial adaptations. She had recent articles published on made-for-TV-movies on Angela Merkel, as well as a Weimar Era adaptation of Dickens's Little Dorrit. Dr. Schmidt is currrently working on two book projects. The first expands on her dissertation on the "heritage" film, and the second looks at new media cultures and gender in contemporary Germany. She has and would love to continue to mentor student research projects in these topic areas. Oftentimes, she also has industry professionals visit classes via Zoom, which have included Sebastian Schipper, Yu Hao, and Leoni Krippendorff. 

Her favorite thing about working with undergraduates is how each person learns in a different way, and how (though it may seem cliché-d) she always learns new things from them. Her favorite thing about Oles is their sense of curiosity about the world. Her favorite thing about working in Ole German is how committed the students are to learning and practicing the language. 

In her freetime, Dr. Schmidt likes to spend time with her cat niece and puppy nephew, practice yoga, pilates, and gyrotonic, and check out independent movie theaters and local cafés. She loves Zupfkuchen.