Hsiang-Lin Shih has been teaching Chinese language and literature at St. Olaf College since 2013 when she received Ph.D. from the University of Washington, Seattle. She researches ancient and medieval poems that capture the complexity of a city. She also brings students to Taipei and Yilan of Taiwan, reflecting on the intersections of literature and students’ interests in economics, political science, and environmental studies. Her article “Into the New Realm of Belles lettres: Intersections of the Sevens and Song Verses in Jian’an Poetry” is to be published in The Fu Genre of Imperial China: Studies in the Rhapsodic Imagination. Her digital works in collaboration with St. Olaf students are

“Memories of Agricultural Yilan, Taiwan.” In collaboration with Hana Anderson ’20, Anthony Faure ’20, Sofia Reed ’20, and James Sandberg ’20. <https://pages.stolaf.edu/agriculturalyilan/> 2019.

“Mapping Taipei in Chu T’ien-hsin’s Novella ‘The Old Capital.’” In collaboration with Leah Suffern ’17. <https://pages.stolaf.edu/mtoc/> 2017.