Human Rights, Comparative Politics, Latin America, Political Development, Courageous Resistance to Injustice, Political Tolerance

Professor Thalhammer has been a member of the St. Olaf faculty since 1991. Her teaching and research specialization is in human rights, resistance to injustice  and Latin American politics and development. She is also a member of the Latin American Studies faculty. In addition to her on-campus courses she has led St. Olaf’s Global Semester (2018) and supervised a variety of internships and independent study projects, with topics ranging from human rights education in Nepal, Latin constituent relations in Los Angeles, community development  in Peru and  India; comparative political development; and political economy of development.

Professor Thalhammer is coauthor of Courageous Resistance: the Power of Ordinary People (Palgrave, 2007)and numerous articles and book chapters. She is the faculty advisor for Amnesty International. Professor Thalhammer is married, has two adult children, and enjoys being a grandmother.

Thalhammer CV 2021