My name is Damian Waite and I have been working at St. Olaf since September 1st, 2016.  I graduated from the University of Northwestern St. Paul with a B.S. in Marketing with a Finance minor in 2002. Later on, I received my MSW in Macro Social Work in 2010 from Boston College. Serving as the Assistant Director of Multicultural, Gender and Sexuality, I am committed to helping, where I can, students and the entire community to achieve our full potential in matters of equity, identity, fairness, justice, and hospitality. I am a Jamaican at heart which means that I walk very briskly :). I enjoy discovering what I am good at in the kitchen - recently I have been experimenting with making guacamole. I also like to read and watch the soccer world cup. I follow all things political in the Caribbean region and the Americas and I am a daily newspaper reader. I am also known to have visited Cakewalk four times in one week. Please stop by my office in the Taylor Center to connect and I welcome the chance to meet with you as a member of the St. Olaf community!