Variety is the spice of life.  I bring this attitude to my professional work as well as my personal life.  I enjoy teaching students at all levels, exploring different kinds of research questions and furthering the efforts of the College through different service opportunities.  I have found these three traditional areas of faculty life synergistic and interrelated.  My teaching is directly related to my scholarly work and many of the broader service experiences I’ve had also relate to teaching and research.  The overlap spanning these three areas has been both invigorating and rewarding and I enjoy the synergy they create.

In recent years my teaching has been focused on Analytical Chemistry and chemistry courses for general education.  In the classroom, I enjoy guiding my students as they learn actively.  My class sessions are a mixture of group or student-centered activities and interactive lecture.  My approach to teaching general education chemistry courses is to engage students in developing scientific literacy skills through current topics, such as swine flu.  In Analytical Chemistry, I employ the role-playing approach developed by my emeritus colleague John Walters and use Process Oriented Guided Inquiry (POGIL) activities as the basis for much of our in-class work.

My research is in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.  My central inquiry question is Are students are learning what I think I am teaching? I have explored this question both in my general education courses and in my courses for chemistry majors.  I am participating in the ANA-POGIL project, a NSF funded project developing and testing POGIL activities for teaching Analytical Chemistry.

In May 2009 I completed my service as department chair, which I have held eight of the last ten years.  I am looking forward to spending more time in the classroom and restoring my attention span to ordinary levels.  I will continue to be involved in service activities, primarily through my work on the Assessment Subcommittee of the Curriculum Committee, a role I began during my time as Interim Director of Evaluation & Assessment.