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January 2018 Newsletter (Year B)
Works of Art and Service, by Pastor Bruce Benson

I had occasion some weeks ago to be present at a live interview with American composer and choral director, René Clausen. From time to time on Sing For Joy programs, you hear his compositions and his choir, the Concordia Choir of Concordia College in Moorhead, Minn. During the interview, we heard stories about his formative years in high school and college, and tales about concerts and commissions; but the story I want to report today has to do with a mentor’s influence on him. 

Dr. Clausen explained that one of his mentors described the kind of conductor one should strive to be, and warned against the kind of conductor one might turn out to be if ego trumps artistry. “A conductor,” said this mentor, “has to decide whether to be a mirror-conductor or a window-conductor.” As Dr. Clausen explained, a mirror-conductor performs in such a way that the audience sees the conductor reflected in the performance; a window-conductor seeks to let all the beauty of the music shine through. I don’t have to tell you which kind the mentor recommended. Just to be clear, this is not about how much a conductor does or does not move, but about the purpose and effect of those movements.

Performances that let the beauty of the music shine through are particularly suitable for Sing For Joy, although if you suggest that such performances are always the preferred kind, not just on Sing For Joy, you’d get no argument from me. But maybe Sing For Joy underlines or reinforces the importance of that kind of performance. If, instead of being a program of biblically inspired music, we were a program that demonstrated performance techniques, that would be different; but Sing For Joy hopes to open up biblical texts and stories — and open you too — in order for insight to take place. Musicians, therefore, are called upon to serve their art, not their egos. The point of the performance is to enable the listener to hear, in as honest and authentic a way as possible, what text and music together want to say. In other words, to let the light of the music shine through.

To be clear, I do hope that the singers whose performances we hear on Sing For Joy are proud of their work. Being proud of good work is a good thing. It’s just that doing the work of art (maybe of life itself?) is best done with an attitude of service. If that rings true, it is not just in the realm of morals and manners, as if genuine humility and helpfulness were marks only of courtesy. Jesus seemed to have more than “being nice” in mind when he advocated lives of service for his followers. He seemed to think, instead, that life worked better when lived that way, and the same is arguably true for the arts. When the actor/singer/cellist/poet gives him or herself to serving the art, truth and beauty are likely to happen.

As another new year begins, singing for joy instead of for glory doesn’t just make good music, it makes a good life too. Sing for joy!




Pastor Bruce Benson

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