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July 2018 Newsletter (Year B)
Singing Silently, by Pastor Bruce Benson

Not everyone who is not singing is not singing.

I am going to defend the (non)contradictory statement above by appealing to a pair of hawks and a hymn festival. I have been seeing the hawks regularly this summer as they navigate an aerial obstacle course through the branches of the tree tops in my backyard. They are cooper’s hawks, a bird that preys on other birds, so part of me is dismayed to have them nesting nearby. However, I have noticed that other birds seem to know when the hawks are hunting and when they are not. When they are hunting, my back yard is virtually silent; only the blue jays — they must be large enough or feisty enough — keep chortling regardless of hawk behavior. It isn’t long, though, before the wrens, robins and cardinals are singing away. This might be an example that disputes the statement above, because when the song birds are not singing it sure seems as if they truly are not singing. But what about people?

If you are a regular reader of this newsletter, you will remember that just a couple months ago I called attention to a hymn festival about to be led by my
Sing For Joy colleague, John Ferguson. Well, that event has now come and gone. As a participant seated on the stage that evening, I had a clear view of the audience/congregation gathered in the chapel pews at St. Olaf College. Perhaps I should specify: I had a clear view of the faces of those in attendance. That means that anyone who decided not to sing along on the hymns was noticeable to me, and I did see a handful of such people. The human eye, you know, is attracted to difference: a red flower in a green garden, a moving animal in a still forest, and yes, a closed mouth in a room full of singers. I have learned over the years that people who don’t sing aren’t necessarily objecting to what is being sung; reasons for not singing are numerous. And I learned after the hymn festival that in at least one case the reason for not singing — no, let me be more precise: the reason the voice was not singing — is that the spirit was singing with so much emotion the voice would not work properly. See? Not everyone who is not singing is not singing.

I also learned later about someone who chose not to sing on one or two of the hymns just so that she could enjoy basking or floating in the lovely sea of sound that was making her feel buoyant. She too was singing with body, mind and spirit, but not voice. Not everyone who is not singing is not singing. 

I have no way of knowing whether Sing For Joy programs you hear via radio or digital streaming ever affect you the way some people were affected at the hymn festival. The experience of being present in the same room with hundreds of other singers can’t really be captured and shared in a recording. Still, it is our hope at Sing For Joy that the words and music we share each week will put a song not just in your ears, but in your soul.

Peace be with you,




Pastor Bruce Benson

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