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March 2022 Newsletter (Year C)

Pastor Bruce Benson

A Fond Farewell

Did you by any chance look through the list of employment opportunities at St. Olaf College this past month? No? I really didn't think so. But if you had, you would have seen a job posting for: Host, Sing For Joy radio program.

Yes, that means what you think it means: I am retiring. I have been in no hurry to do this — clearly not, I'm 76 years old — nor, I'm happy to say, has St. Olaf College been nudging me to find my hat, and head for the nearest exit. But one day soon, a successor from a new generation will be chosen to slip into the chair behind the microphone and become the new host. If I were to stay in that chair myself until this next Advent season, I would, by then, have done every program for a full 20 years. Summer, however, is a less hectic, easier transition time for all involved. Therefore, the plan calls for the hand-off of the host's baton to come during that season.

My heart asks, "Am I stepping aside sooner than I could?"
My head answers, "Yes. But that's better than staying longer than you should."
Then, my head adds, "Besides, you aren't the only person in the world who can do this, you know."

I will not mention this decision on the air until closer to the transition date. I'm telling you now simply because I want regular readers of this newsletter to know first. Most of you are contributors and good friends of the program. Some of you, like our long-time primary sponsors, the Sukups in Iowa, have been supporters of the program for longer than I have been the host. You started supporting Sing For Joy when founder, Al Rueter, was still recording the program with a paper script in one hand and an old-fashioned stop watch in the other. When he handed the hosting duties to me back in 2002, he said the watch was necessary, so I bought one, and used it for a couple months before updated technology came to my rescue. 

Now, when it is my turn to retire, I will have plenty of gratitude to express, including to you, Sing For Joy listeners and supporters. But until then, I plan to let the program keep doing what it does best: let the music speak. I trust it will continue to speak to you, "tidings of comfort and joy."

Peace be with you,

Bruce Benson

Pastor Bruce Benson

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