This Week on Sing For Joy

Third Sunday of Easter
(Year B)

Sometimes Sing For Joy invites you to sing along with the great hymns and music of the church. On the next program you might want to whistle along. Join us.

Listen to the program
for April 19, 2015

News from Sing For Joy Spring Fund Drive

easter-sing-2015_230Ready, set, go! It's the start of the Sing For Joy spring fund drive and we are excited to make the final push to our fiscal year-end goal. All we need is $8,000 by May 31. Will you join us?

A few weeks ago we were singing Hosanna and listening to Jesus Christ is Risen Today on Sing For Joy. Were you one of the 819 who tuned in to to stream the Easter program this year? Gifts from listeners help make online streaming possible, so that Sing For Joy can be heard at any time, anywhere around the world.

It's easy to donate online, and when you give $100 or more you can choose to receive a special thank-you CD. Click on over to our fund drive page to read more about the CD, learn about the Sing For Joy community, and to watch our thermometer guage heat up!

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