This Week on Sing For Joy

Time After Pentecost — Lectionary 29
(Year A)

Music lets people who speak different languages do something together. Sing. In that way it is both a welcoming and a unifying force. Good music, doing good work: that’s what you’ll hear on the next Sing For Joy. Be part of it.

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for October 19, 2014

News from Sing For Joy October Newsletter

“How much has music helped shape the lectionary?”
-Pastor Bruce Benson

Aug_NewsletterAs many of you know, Sing For Joy follows the church lectionary every week throughout the church year. Come, read Pastor Benson's message in the October newsletter, now available online, and learn about the history behind the lectionary. Benson then delves into a fascinating "chicken-or-egg" discussion about the relationship between the lectionary and music - may it spark thought and conversation in your life this fall.

While you're here, enjoy looking ahead at the upcoming playlists to see what music will be accompanying the lectionary this month.

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