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Third Sunday of Easter
(Year B)

Sometimes Sing For Joy invites you to sing along with the great hymns and music of the church. On the next program you might want to whistle along. Join us.

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for April 19, 2015

News from Sing For Joy Hosanna

easter-2015_130When the women disciples of Jesus went early on Easter morning to his tomb, they were probably not singing, they were weeping. But within days, if not hours, the word Arisen must have been music in their ears, as well as on their lips. We sing with them this week on Sing For Joy.

Because you live, O Christ,
the garden of the world has come to flower,
the darkness of the tomb
is flooded with your resurrection power.
-This Joyful Eastertide

Listen to "This Joyful Eastertide" and other Easter favorites on this week's program for The Resurrection of our Lord.

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