This Week on Sing For Joy

Time After Pentecost — Lectionary 21
(Year C)

Rarely is one word enough, but when eloquent music get a hold of it, one good word can express more than entire pages of chatter. Listen to Sing For Joy to hear such words and such music.

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for August 21, 2016

News from Sing For Joy August Newsletter & September Playlists

04-enews"Music ... is able to express the web of emotion that gets woven
wherever fear and hope dwell together."

-Pastor Bruce Benson

The August Newsletter is now available online! This month Pastor Bruce Benson writes about the the wildflowers of northern Minnesota and how their beauty causes him to think about music and Isaiah 40. Come read the rest of his message, then peruse upcoming playlists (through September!) to see what is on the horizon at Sing For Joy. When you click through to the electronic newsletter you'll notice a different look and feel from months (and years) past. This new online version is now in full color, is easier to navigate and read, and is identical to what will appear in your inbox if you sign up for email delivery. You can also sign up for the paper version.

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