This Week on Sing For Joy

Time After Pentecost — Lectionary 14
(Year B)

Most of the time, picking up a song – that is, singing, whistling or listening – is a way of laying down at least part of a burden. It’s as if music lightens a load. On the next Sing For Joy, we provide the music. Join us!

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for July 5, 2015

News from Sing For Joy July Newsletter

02_newsletterSummer is here and so is the the July newsletter! With everything alive and buzzing, the sun lingering in the sky and vacation plans afoot, it is easy to get caught up in the bussyness of summer. But as Pastor Benson discusses in his host letter this month, "a well-executed pianissimo is powerful, in music and in life." So before you start your busy summer day, take a moment to pause and reflect, and enjoy a little pianissimo. Head on over to read Pastor Benson's message on the power of gentleness then peruse the upcoming playlists to see what old favorites--and new selections--are coming your way.


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