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Time After Pentecost — Lectionary 30
(Year A)

Sing For Joy is a radio program that recognizes this fact of life: there are times when words alone are not enough.   We need human touch, we need art, we need music. Music for the soul. Hear it on the next program.

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for October 26, 2014

News from Sing For Joy November Newsletter

"Songs of worship will always sound best in the context of justice and shalom."
-Pastor Bruce Benson

newsletter-1410When do you find yourself listening to music, and what types of music do you tend to listen to? We listen to music in times of joy and of sadness because it helps us celebrate the ordinary and extraordinary moments in our lives. In the November newsletter, Pastor Bruce Benson discusses the issue of music and the importance of the context in which we listen to music. 

As we prepare to enter November, take a moment to look at our upcoming playlists to see what words, inspiration and music are coming your way.


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