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Time After Pentecost — Lectionary 12
(Year A)

Part of music’s grace is that it can say and do at the same time: It can say we need help, and at the same time help us; it can sing about comfort, while comforting us; and when it calls us to hope it also gives hope. Experience it on the next Sing For Joy.

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for June 25, 2017

News from Sing For Joy July Newsletter

07-geranium-thumb"Folk melodies are not the grand and glorious hybrid flowers of the musical world. They are more like old-fashioned geraniums"  -Pastor Bruce Benson

Come enjoy the July newsletter, now available online, and reflect with Pastor Benson on the nature of simple folk melodies as well as flowers. The geraniums pictured here sit on Pastor Benson's porch and have quite the history behind them - come read about them, then browse the upcoming playlists, now available through August.

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