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Time After Pentecost — Lectionary 30
(Year C)

Music need not be elegant to be truthful, but trying to express the beauty of holiness often calls for elegance. Great music, some of it elegant, is shared each week on Sing For Joy. Join us.

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for October 23, 2016

News from Sing For Joy October Newsletter

04-enews"Thus the conversation goes on: Bible story, composer, performer and our own hearts and minds, all in conversation together."
-Pastor Bruce Benson

The October Newsletter is now available online! This fall Pastor Bruce Benson steps back in the classroom as an instructor in St. Olaf College's Great Conversation program. Read his message about how composer, performer, listener - and even Sing For Joy - are all part of this great conversation! For those of you planning worship and music services, the November playlists will be ready shortly.

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