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Time After Pentecost — Lectionary 21
(Year A)

Stories and songs are always in season on Sing For Joy.  Sometimes they are told and sung by large groups, other times by one solo singer.  Always you are invited to listen in, or – if you’re one of those who enjoys singing along with the radio, we welcome that too.  Join us every week.

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for August 24, 2014

News from Sing For Joy August Newsletter

"If you sing because your heart is full, anyone is welcome to join you." -Pastor Bruce Benson


Have you ever stopped to think how often you actually "sing for joy"? In the August newsletter, now available online, Pastor Benson ponders this topic with some extra commentary by author John Steinbeck. Whether or not you literally sing for joy in your day-to-day life, come read Benson's message, then peruse the August playlists to see what songs are headed your way. Who knows, perhaps you will be literally singing for joy before the month is through!


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