This Week on Sing For Joy

Time After Pentecost — Lectionary 26
(Year C)

Life is not always what it seems. Power can turn out to be empty, wealth unsatisfying; while humble simplicity can be a cup overflowing with grace. Sing For Joy brings you the music of such grace. Join us.

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for September 25, 2016

News from Sing For Joy September Newsletter & October Playlists

04-enewsThe September Newsletter is now available online! This month you'll hear from John Ferguson - acclaimed organist, choral conductor, composer and teacher, recognized nationally for his talents as an improviser and leader of congregational song. He is also the Sing For Joy music advisor, providing guidance regarding musical selections and new recordings, and serving as ambassador for the program to audiences and congregations nationwide.

Come, read his reflection about the power of communal song, especially in times of adversity, then peruse upcoming playlists (through October!) to see what is on the horizon at Sing For Joy. Would you like to receive the newsletter in your email inbox? Sign up for the e-newsletter. You can also sign up for the paper version.

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