This Week on Sing For Joy

Third Sunday of Advent
(Year A)

By the time the third Sunday in Advent arrives this week the world is busy reminding you of all the shopping yet to be done. On Sing For Joy, however, you can set aside busyness for a few minutes and contemplate the message of the season. Join us.

Listen to the program
for December 11, 2016

News from Sing For Joy Fund Drive Update

12-06-thermometer-thumbWe are over halfway to our goal of $12,000, with $6,766 brought in as of December 6. Be a part of this exciting effort by donating to Sing For Joy before December 31. Thank you for supporting great sacred choral music.

Sing For Joy tells the rich and complex tales of human existence, and weaves together the timeless joys and struggles that are part of being alive. As you listen this upcoming Christmas season, we ask that you consider a gift to help Sing For Joy continue the ministry of sharing the human experience through beautiful and inspiring music and commentary. Read more about the fall drive, as well as the special album you can receive when you contribute $100 or more.

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