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Please note: This is NOT the most current catalog.

Board of Regents


Chair, O. Jay Tomson
Vice Chair, Addison Piper
Secretary, David R. Anderson
Treasurer, Alan Norton

Senior Regents

Dean L. Buntrock, B.A., 1972-
Elected to the Board, 1972
Chairman of the Board, 1986-1995
Senior Regent, 1995-

Leonard C. Hoeft, B.S., 1970-
Elected to the Board, 1970
Chairman of the Board, 1980-86
Senior Regent, 1989-

Martin E. Marty, B.A., M.A., M.Div., S.T.M., Ph.D., 1988-
Elected to the Board, 1988-2001
Chairman of the Board, 1994-2001
Senior Regent, 2002-


David R. Anderson
President, St. Olaf College
Northfield, Minn.

Douglas N. Smith
Alumni Observer
Stillwater, Minn

Arne Selbyg
Advisory Member, ELCA
Chicago, Ill.

Terms Expire in 2007

Kathleen Brekken
B.A., 1995-2007
Retired President/CEO, Midwest of Cannon Falls, Inc.
Cannon Falls, Minn.

Barbara Peterson Burwell
B.A., 1995-2007
Burwell Enterprises
Minneapolis, Minn.

George G. Carlson
M.Div., 2001-2007
Bishop, South Central Synod of Wisconsin
Madison, Wis.

William G. Cowles Jr.
M.B.A., 2001-2007
Retired General Manager, Frigoscandia Equipment
Northfield, Minn.

Daniel Grossman
B.A., 2005-2007
Student, University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign
Urbana, Ill.

Robert Hatch
B.A., M.B.A., 1995-2007
Chairman/CEO, Cereal Ingredients, Inc., CII Laboratory Services, Inc.
Kansas City, Mo.

Ruth Hustad
B.A., 2001-2007
Hustad Real Estate
Eden Prairie, Minn.

B. Kristine Johnson
B.A., 2001-2007
General Partner, Affinity Capital Management
Minneapolis, Minn.

Mark D. Johnson
B.A., 2001-2007
Waterman Trading Co.
Eden Prairie, Minn.

Martha Arveson Nelson
B.A., 2001-2007
Teacher, Talmud Torah of St. Paul
St. Paul, Minn.

Bruce Nicholson
B.A., 1995-2007
President and CEO, Thrivent Financial for Lutherans
Minneapolis, Minn.

Larry Rasmussen
Ph.D., 2001-2007
Retired Reinhold Niebuhr Professor of Social Ethics, Union Theological Seminary
Santa Fe, N.M.

O. Jay Tomson
B.A., 1995-2007
Chair/Director, First Citizens National Bank
Mason City, Iowa

Terms Expire in 2008

Peter Rogness
B.A., M.Div., 2002-2008
Bishop, St. Paul Area Synod
St. Paul, Minn.

Douglas N. Smith
B.A., 2006-2008
Vice President, Health Partners
Minneapolis, Minn.

Term Expires in 2009

Thomas J. Boldt
B.A., 1996-2009
CEO, The Boldt Companies
Appleton, Wis.

Philip Brunelle
Artistic Director, VocalEssence
Minneapolis, Minn.

William Hoeft
B.A., 1997-2009
President, Chairman of the Board, CEO, ZIEGLER, INC.
Minneapolis, Minn.

Franklyn Prendergast
M.D, Ph.D., 2003-2009
Mayo Clinic
Rochester, Minn.

Walter M. Ringer III
B.A., J.D., O.P.M., 1997-2009
Vice Chairman and CEO, The Foley Companies
Chaska, Minn.

Mark Yost
B.A., M.B.A.., 2003-2009
President, Intrinsic Capital Partners, LLC
Chicago, Ill.

Terms Expire in 2011

Nancy J. Anderson
B.A., J.D.., 2003-2011
Deputy General Counsel, Microsoft Corporation
Redmond, Wash.

John Benson
B.S. ChE., M.S. ChE., 1999-2011
Retired Executive Vice President, 3M Health Care Markets
St. Paul, Minn.

Ronald Hunter
B.A., J.D.., 2003-2011 Deputy Chief, Cargill Incorporated
Minneapolis, Minn.

Addison Piper
B.A., M.B., 1999-2011 Chairman, US Bancorp Piper Jaffray
Minneapolis, Minn.

Jerrol M. Tostrud
B.A., 1996-2011
Retired Executive Vice President, West Publishing Company
Eagan, Minn.

Term Expires in 2013

Lawrence Stranghoener
B.A., M.B.A., 2007-2013
Executive Vice President/CFO, Mosaic Company
Plymouth, Minn.