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University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
The Department of German, Scandinavian and Dutch offers undergraduate and graduate level courses in all the Nordic languages as well as Nordic literature, culture and the social sciences. Students may combine their study of Nordic languages and culture with German and Dutch. Extensive study abroad opportunities are available.
-> Department page: www1.umn.edu/commpub/c_cla/cla_64.html
-> University homepage: www1.umn.edu/twincities/
-> CLA Admissions Office: (800) 752-1000

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI
Madison has the oldest Scandinavian department in the country, founded in 1875. In a small department at a large research university, students can enjoy the best of both worlds, achieving an excellent background for a variety of professions.
-> Department homepage: www.scandinavian.wisc.edu/
-> University homepage: www.wisc.edu/
-> E-mail: On.Wisconsin@mail.admin.wisc.edu
-> Admissions Office: (608) 262-3961