Ph.D. Germanic Studies, The University of Texas at Austin
M.A. Cultural Anthropology, Rice University
B.A. International Studies, DePaul University

Prof. Randall joined the St. Olaf German faculty in 2015 and has enjoyed teaching a wide array of courses across the German curriculum as well as English-language courses in film studies and modern German history. In German teaching and course design, Prof. Randall strives to integrate diverse voices and social justice perspectives into an engaging and relevant content-driven language curriculum. Her research interests include the history of German cultural anthropology, German and Austrian war/postwar film, and Lutheran refugee and resettlement services in Germany following World War II. As a transdisciplinary scholar, Prof. Randall is interested in how ideas, people, and material things flow and transform across time, localities, and different fields of culture (literature, politics, art, etc.). Her research has been published in German Studies Review and Die Unterrichtspraxis, presented at conferences of the GSA, ACTFL, NEMLA, MMLA, SCMLA, and HSS, and supported by grants from Fulbright, DAAD and the Universität Freiburg. In 2021 she was recognized with a St. Olaf College Faculty Innovation award from the Cassling Family Fund.

Curriculum vitae



  • Intermediate German I and II (German 231, 232)
  • History and Memory (German 251)
  • Contemporary Germany in Global Context (German 252)
  • Gateway to the World: Global Connections and Local Identities of Hamburg (German 253)
  • German Colonialism and Decolonization (German 272)
  • The GDR from Both Sides of the Wall (German 272)
  • The Author as Public Intellectual (German 371)
  • Die Fantasie. Innere Welten und andere Welten (German 371)
  • Wissen, Wissenschaft/en und Wissenschaftler*innen (German 371)
  • German War Film (German 263)
  • The Making of Modern Germany: The Ethics of Revolution (History 224)

Selected Publications:

Amanda Randall, “Habits of Mind, Habits of Heart: Cultivating Humanity through a Decolonized German Studies Curriculum” in Diversity and Decolonization in German Studies, eds. Ervin Malakaj and Regine Criser (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2020), 41-62.

Seth Peabody and Amanda Randall, “Unpacking Heimat: An Iterative Approach to Identity and Belonging for Global German Studies,” Die Unterrichtspraxis/Teaching German 52, no. 2 (2019), special issue on globalizing German Studies, edited by Nicole Coleman and Lisabeth Hock, 178-186. *Recipient of Die Unterrichtspraxis Award for Best Article, 2019.

Amanda Randall, “From Multidisciplinary to Transdisciplinary: On the History of German Studies Review, 1978 to 2015,” German Studies Review 39, no. 3 (2016), 629-643.

Amanda Randall, “Austrian Trümmerfilm? What a Genre’s Absence Reveals about National Postwar Cinema and Film Studies,” German Studies Review 38, no. 3 (2015), 573-595.

Amanda Randall and Janet Swaffar, “The Uses of Accountability” in Student Learning Outcomes Assessment in College Foreign Language Programs, eds. John Norris, John Davis, and Yukiko Watanabe (Honolulu: Univ. of Hawaii National Foreign Language Resource Center, 2015), 71-96.