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June 2017 Newsletter (Year A)
Pastor Bruce Benson
Untying the Knot of Anger, by Pastor Bruce Benson

“Master, do I hear spirits on this path?”
I said. And he to me: “You do indeed,
and they are loosening the knot of Wrath.”
Purgatorio, Canto XVI, Dante. John Ciardi, translation

Lovers of music, especially lovers of choral music, and even more especially lovers of choral church
music can hardly hold back a smile when reading Dante Alighieri’s 14th century fantasy about comings and goings in Purgatory. As in Inferno — Dante’s imagined journey through hell — so also in Purgatorio he describes various faults and short-comings that have kept sinners away from the gates of paradise. In the section quoted above he has entered the realm of the wrathful. Or, in another translation: the angry. It is full of thick dark smoke, the kind that keeps people from seeing clearly, which, according to Dante, is precisely what wrath/anger does. It keeps us from seeing clearly. Reason gets clouded, the ability to see others as neighbors gets obscured, the bonds of love get lost in the fog. And what is it that wrathful souls in purgatory are doing to “loosen the knot of Wrath?” Singing! Singing the church’s liturgy — specifically, the Agnus Dei, Lamb of God. Apparently, singing together loosens the knot of wrath. 

I know what you’re thinking: Any choir member could have told me that! And I don’t disagree. Dante likely knew about the power of singing from his own experience; he was part of worshiping congregations. He obviously knew also about the power of words. And he put the two powers together in this little episode about wrath.

Almost anything you might read about Dante Alighieri (1265-1321) will describe him as a genius, and his genius seems surely to be at work in this section of Purgatorio. Music — let’s be more precise: music-making does indeed have an almost magical ability to loosen or untie the knot of anger. Anyone who has tried to sing and laugh at the same time knows how nearly impossible that is. It is also difficult to sing and be angry at the same time. It is difficult, at least, to stay angry while singing. Dante thus selects a perfect exercise for letting go of anger/wrath. But if we notice only the music, we haven’t noticed quite enough. Dante’s wrathful singers who are busy loosening the knots of anger are not singing “la la la.”

“They offered up three prayers, and every one
began with Agnus Dei, and each word
and measure rose in perfect unison.”
(Or, in another translation, "every harmony seemed to be amongst them.")

They are singing, “Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, have mercy on us.” Hopeful words, sung together, undoing the knot of anger.

Now to us: listening to music might be less effective than singing as a way to untie the knot of anger, though it isn’t bad. And simply hearing words of grace, forgiveness and love can often heal. So we at Sing For Joy will continue to provide music and healing words. And if you choose to sing along — well, you just might like what happens.

Peace be with you, 

Pastor Bruce Benson

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