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Changes that have occurred in St. Olaf academic policy and curriculum since the publication in 2002 of the St. Olaf Catalog for 2002–04 are indicated in red and red strikethrough type.

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Please note: This is NOT the most current catalog.

Interim Courses

Off-campus courses, both international and in the United States, are offered during the January Interim. They vary from year to year. Details are available in the off-campus Interims brochure published each spring and in the Interims announcement printed in mid-fall. The following programs will be offered in January 2004


  • Religion 251, Religion and Cultural Diversity in South Africa:

America, North

  • Art 246, Manhattan Interim in New York City
  • BA-BSE, Engineering Courses at Washington University
  • Biology 250, Cardiac Surgery at Emory University
  • Biology 281, Winter Ecology
  • Biology 282, Desert Biology
  • Education 170, School and Urban Communities
  • Education 260, Perspectives in Education
  • Education 378, Multicultural Education in Hawaii
  • Education 379, Urban Education Practicum and Seminar
  • Environmental Studies 260, Biosphere Ecology
  • History 259, The Civil Rights Movement (HECUA)
  • ID 255, The Physician in Clinical and Hospital Health Care
  • Mathematics 290, Mathematical Environmental Modeling at Biosphere 2
  • Music 140, Arts, Cultures and Contexts
  • Political Science 204, The New Hampshire Primary and US
    Presidential Politics
  • Psychology 396, Comparative Psychology: Dolphin Communication
    and Cognition
  • Religion 219, Liberation Theologies
  • Sociology-Anthropology 124, Food, Work and Culture: An
    Anthropology of Immigration in Minnesota

America, South and Central, and the Carribean

  • English 259, Hemingway in Cuba
  • French 233, Language and Culture in the French Caribbean
  • History 257, Revolutionary Cuba
  • Spanish 233, Intermediate Spanish II in Ecuador
  • Spanish 234, Intermediate Spanish II in Costa Rica


  • Asian Studies 212, National Identity in China and Japan
  • Economics 218, Economic Progress in China
  • ID 263, Development and Community in Bangladesh (HECUA)

Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific

  • Biology 258, Island Biology in Polynesia
  • Family studies 263, Indigenous Cultures of Australia and New Zealand


  • Art 255, Italian Art in Context: The City of Florence
  • Economics 253, Britain in Transition: Economic Leader to European Union
  • English 252, Modern Irish Literature in its Cultural Context
  • French 275, Interdisciplinary French Studies in Paris
  • German 233, Language and Culture in Germany
  • German 245, Arts in Vienna
  • Great Conversation 271, The Great Conversation on “The Grand Tour”
    in Greece and Italy
  • ID 258, Theater in London
  • Mathematics 234, Structure of Higher Mathematics in Budapest
  • Nursing 371, Health Care in Norway
  • Political Science 297, Post-Communist Democracy in the
    Czech Republic
  • Religion 259, Religion and Culture in Rome
  • Religion 275, Historical Geography and the Bible
  • Spanish 270, Spain's Cultural and Linguistic Legacy Autonomous Communities