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Late Night Musings from the Chair




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NBS Fall Conference- Sept 7&8
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Late Night Musings

by Todd Reemtsma, NBS Section Chairperson

Much Ado About Nothing
    As Brian will attest to, my article for the newsletter is almost always at the very last minute.  Typically it’s not because I haven’t had ideas rolling around in my head and often times I’ve even internally composed a good portion of the article.  ToddBut for some reason this time I have just had had the spark of creativity and am thus writing fairly extemporaneously.
    It certainly is not because there is a lack of topics to talk about.
Our Northern Boundary Section meeting at USITT in Long Beach was hugely successful.  I was so glad and so proud to see so many of our members make the long trek and pack the room at the Long Beach Convention Center.  Jean Montgomery was recognized with an Honorary Lifetime Membership award as well as a Board of Directors Resolution of Appreciation, several of our members were presenters of sessions and our members continue to be active in the national leadership of the Institute.  It was unanimously approved to change our NBS Bylaws to include a Member-at-large South position to better represent and involve Iowa members and schools.  It was also unanimously approved to have Mark Parrott of the University of Northern Iowa fill this position for the remainder of the current board’s term.
    It is that time of the year when we pass along our best wishes to those that are graduating, retiring, or moving on to new endeavors outside of our territory.  We hope that you will stay in touch.  Please pass along the successes that you have seen and been a part of as a member of the Northern Boundary Section and if you come across any ideas that might make us a better section, please pass those back to us.
    The USITT- NBS Board will be meeting again this summer and will be discussing several topics including the 2012 Fall Conference, goals for 2012-13 and beyond, and bigger and better communication with all of our NBS members.  The past summer meetings of the NBS Board have been a great opportunity for us to look ahead to the upcoming year and beyond.  We welcome any topics that you would like to see discussed.
    Mark your calendars that the 2012 USITT-NBS Fall Conference will be at the University of Minnesota-Duluth on Friday, September 7th and Saturday, September 8th.  If there are topics that you would like to see presented at the fall conference or a particular presenter that you would like to recommend, please pass your recommendation along to MaryBeth Gagner, NBS Sr. Vice Chair – Programs, or any one of the board members.  This will also be our Section Meeting to kick off 2012-13 and we will be looking for ideas to continue to serve our membership.
   Oh, Look.  I guess there were some things to say after all.
Have a great summer everyone!