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Member, International Union of Pure and Applied Chemists, American Chemical Society, Association of Managers of Magnetic Resonance Laboratories, Minnesota Soaring Club (Private Pilot: Glider (10/21/97), Cannon Valley Regional Orchestra (CVRO)/(NAG)
Current Principal Developer, Jmol

Professor of Chemistry
Department of Chemistry
St. Olaf College (map)
Northfield, MN 55057

office: Regents Hall 318, phone/fax: 507-786-3107
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I'm very interested in the process by which beginning students learn chemistry. One of my innovations is "Data-Driven Chemistry," which I use when teaching our interim course, Chemistry 123, Atomic and Molecular Structure. The data-driven method is based on the idea that science is fundamentally data-oriented. As applied to introductory chemistry, the idea is to present students with sets of information ("data") and get them, working in groups, to build clear, concise models of atomic and molecular structure strictlyfrom the data presented.

Students in Chemistry 123

  • discussed sets of data in small groups,
  • worked to integrate those data into their developing model, and
  • produced tightly focused essay-style reports interpreting the data.

The goal of data-driven chemistry, then, is to encourage students to build their own personal model of chemical structure based on real data. An application of data-driven chemistry is my book, Molecular Origami: Precision Scale Models from Paper ( University Science Books)

Also available on the Web is an evaluation including student comments relating to Molecular Origami and Data-Driven Chemistry from Chemistry 123, 1995.



Chemical Informatics, Visualization and Simulation, Green Chemistry



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