St. Olaf Ringtones

Download the sounds of St. Olaf to your cell phone!

Um Ya Ya! (Choral & Band Version) *

AAC | AIFF | MP3 | OGG | QCP (Sprint) | WAV

Um Ya Ya! (Piano Version) *

AAC | AIFF | MP3 | OGG | QCP (Sprint) | WAV

* Not all phones will accept these audio versions; however, they may accept a MIDI file:

Um Ya Ya! (MIDI Piano Version)

Polyphonic (harmony) | Melody Only (for older phones)

If you don't see the format you need listed here, email us and let us know what you need.

Transferring a ringtone to your phone:
While each phone is slightly different, the following general instructions will work on many recent-model phones.
1. Save the desired source file to your computer.
2. Connect the phone to your computer via USB or Bluetooth.
3. Transfer the file to your phone according to the instructions for your particular model (some phones require special software).
4. Select the new ringtone via your phone's menus.

Due to differences in model, manufacturer, and capability, the above instructions may not work with all phones. We suggest you reference the operating instructions for your phone, or search the web for your phone's model number plus the words "custom ringtone."