This Week on Sing For Joy

Christ the King, Last Sunday after Pentecost — Lectionary 34
(Year A)

Many nations of the world no longer have a monarchy, and therefore no longer have coronations, they have inaugurations of new leadership. But once a year many Christian Churches, everywhere around the world, celebrate a day called Christ the King. On the next Sing For Joy you’ll hear music fit for a coronation. Join us.

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for November 22, 2020

News from Sing For Joy Fall Fund Drive

We had hoped that by the time our fall fund drive came around we would not have to mention the pandemic. Yet here we are, half a year later, and we still cannot ask you to support Sing For Joy without also addressing the ongoing pandemic we are all living through. Perhaps it is too soon to look at “silver linings,” but we here at Sing For Joy have found newfound meaning and purpose since last spring. Thank you for sharing with us how much Sing For Joy means to you during this time when normal Sunday routines are put on hold. Every single message, letter and email brings us life. Never has our work felt more valued or needed in the community.

This Christmas season we are asking for your help in supporting the program that brings you music, joy and hope every week of the year. Our goal is to raise $12,000 before the end of the calendar year. If you have the capacity to give, we are grateful for contributions of any amount. We are offering a special digital album to those who give $120 or more before the end of December.

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