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Second Sunday in Lent
(Year B)

When a group turns into a violent mob, it is ugly, but when it turns into a choir, something is right with the world. Each week, Sing For Joy brings you inspiring choral music of the church. Enjoy something right with the world.

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for March 1, 2015

News from Sing For Joy Tour Reflection by Emily Nyberg, Communications Assistant

stolaf-choir-thumb-200As many of you know, Sing For Joy is produced at St. Olaf College, which means we are fortunate to have some great student workers, busy working behind the scenes. But not only do they contribute to the Sing For Joy team, some of them share their talents with the musical community in another, very concrete way: as part of a choir. Emily Nyberg is our very own communications assistant who recently returned from touring with the St. Olaf Choir. If you have ever wondered what it's like to wear one of those purple robes, read Emily's reflection she kindly shared with us:

"Traveling to the east coast, I did not have many expectations about how tour would go. I knew that we would be on the bus for long hours, that we would meet many of Dr. Armstrong’s dear friends and that we would sing together for over two hours every single night at some of the most beautiful venues in the country. In these ways, tour is the same every year, colored by the different places that we visit. Each year, the people in choir change just as the places we travel to change, which makes every year beautifully different. 

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