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Seventh Sunday of Easter
(Year A)

The story of Jesus’ Ascension gets less attention than many other Bible stories. But, because it is about the reign or authority of grace and love, there is plenty to sing about. Hear it on the next Sing For Joy.

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for May 24, 2020

News from Sing For Joy A Special Message from the Sing For Joy Team

“During these uncertain times” has become an often-used phrase these days, yet we here at Sing For Joy feel there are some things that are even more certain now than ever before. The need for community, the need for making deep connection with others, the joy that quiet contemplation can bring.

An event like the one we are living through can magnify everything we knew to be true in the past, yet somehow lost sight of. The Sing For Joy team would like to thank you. Although these last couple months have been challenging, you the listeners have been there for us. You have helped to focus our professional attention on what’s really important now.

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