This Week on Sing For Joy

Day of Pentecost
(Year B)

This week on Sing For Joy we remember the time of Pentecost. So music, both spirited and spiritual, awaits you. Join us.

Listen to the program
for May 24, 2015

News from Sing For Joy June Newsletter

newsletter_1504_200Have you ever wondered about who is on the Sing For Joy team? Naturally there is Pastor Bruce Benson, the host of the program, but there are a few others you may not know as well. Come read the June Newsletter, now available online, to learn more about who is involved in bringing the program to your ears every week.

And if you are planning music for your own church services or are simply curious about what is in store, you can now browse through Sing For Joy upcoming playlists through July 12.

Please note, that starting June 1, we will have a new phone number here at the studio. If you would like to reach us, please call 507-786-2600. Or you can always email us at

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