This Week on Sing For Joy

Time After Pentecost — Lectionary 26
(Year B)

One of the themes of the next Sing For Joy is honesty. Is music just a pretty face put on messages to make people feel good, or is it an honest expression of heart and mind? It can be either, of course. But join us to hear music that wants to be truthful.

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for September 26, 2021

News from Sing For Joy September Newsletter

Grace in a Well-Paddled Canoe

"Grace, the giver of abundant life, like the heart and lungs that keep us literally alive, seems to flourish with rhythm." -Pastor Bruce Benson

Come read the September newsletter, in which Pastor Benson reflects on the art of paddling a canoe, throwing a discus and creating music, and how rhythm and work blended together are at the heart of each art form. Playlists are now available through October. Would you like to receive the Sing For Joy free monthly email newsletter? Sign up today!

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