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Fifth Sunday in Lent
(Year A)

Joy has many sources and many expressions. It can be set loose by delight, also forged in the fires of perseverance. On the next Sing For Joy, you will hear music that comes from out of the depths of human spiritual experience. Join us.

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for March 29, 2020

News from Sing For Joy A Message from Pastor Benson

03-BoeChapel-thumbI do not ordinarily write to you in the time between newsletters, but as media outlets are hurrying to tell us, this is not an ordinary time. That is true not just in general, but also here at Sing For Joy. Today, for example, was not ordinary in our recording studio, and you might notice it this summer.

I have just returned to my desk from recording four episodes of our program, including the one for June 14; it features Psalm 100 as the Psalm of the Day. Jeff O'Donnell was in the control room on one side of a triple pane window, and I, in my little studio, was on the other (well protected from each other's germs). When we finished recording, we couldn't help but wonder if asking our listeners to appreciate cheery melodies and Psalm 100 in a time of coronavirus was a little too much. Read More