This Week on Sing For Joy

Time After Pentecost — Lectionary 33
(Year C)

Without music, grace can feel elusive in much religious talk about end-times, but with music, the end time sounds more like a new beginning. Music full of that grace and gladness can be heard on the next Sing For Joy.

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for November 17, 2019

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fall-fund-CD-thumbWe have the word “dedication” on our minds this fall as we head into the Christmas season. Our own hard work and dedication that goes into producing Sing For Joy, yes, but also your dedication as listeners. Thank you for fueling our program with kind words, thoughtful letter and generous gifts. 

This Christmas season we need your help to meet our goal of $12,000 in listener gifts by December 31. All gifts go directly towards our operating budget that makes the production of Sing For Joy possible. It's easy to show your support online. Read more about the fall fund drive, as well as the special album you can receive when you contribute $120 or more.

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