This Week on Sing For Joy

Time After Pentecost — Lectionary 25
(Year A)

Work doesn’t always make people sing; but if the work being done is the good work of praising and serving God, singing fits the work just fine. Hear such music on the next Sing For Joy.

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for September 24, 2017

News from Sing For Joy September Newsletter

09-Newsletter-224"We appreciate [up-tempo] music because it offers a kind of genuine approval of busy seasons in our own lives."  -Pastor Bruce Benson

Come enjoy the September newsletter, now available online. As Pastor Benson points out, there are some seasons that call for a change of tempo and rhythm to our days, and there is music to go along with it. Come read his message, then peruse the upcoming playlists, now available through October. Would you like to receive the newsletter via email or mail? Sign up for the e-newsletter or the paper version.

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