This Week on Sing For Joy

Time After Pentecost — Lectionary 18
(Year B)

Music is like good bread: it can be plentiful, but still wonderful. That is, full of wonder. It is ordinary without ever being merely ordinary. Listen to the next Sing For Joy where music will feed your soul.

Listen to the program
for August 2, 2015

News from Sing For Joy August Newsletter

08-Newsletter-130“Beauty invites repetition. Something about it leaves it intact no matter how often
one returns to it.” 
-Pastor Bruce Benson

The August newsletter is now available online. This month Pastor Benson reflects on beauty and music and the challenges a pastor faces when crafting a sermon. Come, hear his message and then peruse the upcoming playlists to see what Sing For Joy has in store for you this next month. You can also view playlists from the Upcoming Programs tab on the website.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know Executive Producer Jeff O'Donnell in our recent post, and come back soon as we introduce another member of the Sing For Joy team.

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