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About Sing For Joy

Sing For Joy is distributed at no charge to any station that wishes to broadcast our program. Programs are available as .wav or .mp3 files via our authorized stations area. Participating stations receive a new set of shows approximately every four weeks. Each set contains four programs and four promotional spots. For a nominal fee to cover duplication and mailing expenses, stations can also request the program via CD.

Each program is 28:30, and each promotional spot is 00:30 with a music bed. Customized promos that mention Sing For Joy broadcast times on your station, support fundraising efforts, or announce other special occasions may be requested.

Interested in carrying Sing For Joy?

If you are a programmer thinking about carrying Sing For Joy, we encourage you to sample the program. We are confident that you will find Sing For Joy appealing to a wide audience. For more information or to request a sample copy of the program, please contact us at, or call us at 507-786-2600.

For technical assistance

If you are If you are an existing affiliate station and require immediate technical assistance, please call Executive Producer Jeffrey O'Donnell at 507.786.2601.