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Northern Boundary Section Membership Meeting at the National Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina

For those of you who will be attending the USITT National Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina, March 9 to 12, the section membership meeting is scheduled for Thursday morning, March 10 at 8am. Hope to see you there!

The Winners of the Cover the Walls Registration to National were as follows:

Robb Jensen: Scenic Design- Big Love
Cathryn Sorge: Scenic Designer and Scenic Charge- Sausage!
Lyndsey Harter: Costume Designer- Far Away

NBS Fall Section Meeting Notes

Location: Trollwood/ In attendance 38/ Todd call to order 8:05
Welcome of new attendees.

• Thanks to:
Marybeth Gagner, Rooth Varland, Ricky Greenwell, Andria Gross, Trina
• We preceded with Introductions around the Room
• First order of business
Treasures report: $4338.62 balance
•Bi-laws changes             Jerry makes motion to approve, Mark Seconds: Bi-law changes approved.
• Minuets approved from March meeting
Mark makes motion to approve, Jerry seconds
• Scholarship reading committee will be composed of
Mickey Henery, Ricky Greenwell, Corey Shelsta.
•Marybeth takes floor for programming
- The schedule for the day is reviewed.
- 3:45 Wrap meeting
- Cover the walls ballets will be on the table, new sheets for Feedback will be included on the display.
-Pink slips for suggestion for future program and improvements in the program.
- Fall workshop for 2011 is slated in theTwin cities @ Hamline University- Date to be discussed and set at spring meeting
•Brian: Next newsletter will be mid December.
•Todd: consider writing articles for the newsletter.
•Facebook: check the NBS group page:!/group.php?gid=25467989930
•Summer Officers meeting recap:
Talked about regional events- can we do events in each of the sections of the region?
See productions in the region 
NDSU willing to Student production Mr. Marmalade
Drop a line to Todd
Is everyone getting the newsletter?
Broadway at North Hennepin Community College

Open Forum
- What would you like to see in the section?
- Enjoying the online Newsletter Thanks to Brian
- Students like to see job calls and work opportunities fine it helpful.
- Question on the young profession scholarship was tabled 
- Betweeners students and looking for employment.
- People fall from the organization; how do we better reach those students and how do we stay in contact with these people.
- Bounced email; 95% of this are students who no longer have an email (you stay on the membership list for two years, then you will be taken off. Remember to update your information when you move on. 
- Try to use the section as a networking tool.
- Can we have a mentoring network established? Looking to set up a committee to look into this. If you are interested Please contact Todd.

• Rooth: What was the talk about raising the scholarship amount. PQ scholarship is now $2500.
Typical scholarship
Stage Technology 500
NBS 500 (2)

PQ will have a separate application

Interested parties in running the Facebook page?
Good place to post questions and advice

Jerry made a motion to adjourn and go bowling. David seconded.

Close at 8:58

Time to Renew Your Membership!?

For most of us, it is time to renew our annual membership in USITT Northern Boundary Section. The annual renewal date is typically September of each year. The renewal form is located in this newsletter. Click here to access the renewal form. Contact the section treasurer if you are unsure about your renewal status (contact info on Section officer page- "Who's Minding the Store?")

Northern Boundary Section Facebook Site


As a reminder there is a Facebook Group "USITT Norther Boundary Section". The url is below:
If people want to do a group search they will find it. The group is set so that any member can post to the group so it is open to everyone in the region.

NBS Web Site

Corey Shelsta from SDSU is our webmaster and our site is located at Corey's contact information is located on the section officers page