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Membership Meeting Minutes- Dec. 12, 2020
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Meeting Minutes:
December 12, 2020 Membership Meeting

A Northern Boundary Section Member Meeting was held on December 12 via ZOOM invite to the membership.

The Minutes of the Membership meeting are available HERE, submitted by section member and secretary, Tiffany Fier.

Treasurer's Report

Date: 12/16/2020

Income: membership renewals $375
Expenditures: $0
Total account Balance $4078.58

IF you have not renewed you membership please take the time to complete a renewal form (LINK HERE) and mail the form and a check to:

Ricky Greenwell
401 14th st S
Fargo ND 58103

Make Checks Payable to NBSUSITT

Time to Renew Your Membership!?

For many of us, it is time to renew our annual membership in USITT Northern Boundary Section. The annual renewal date is typically September of each year. The renewal form is located in this newsletter. Click here to access the renewal form. Contact the section treasurer if you are unsure about your renewal status (contact info on Section officer page- "Who's Minding the Store?")

NBS Web Site

Todd Edwards from St. Olaf College is our webmaster and the site is located at Todd's contact information is

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Northern Boundary Section Facebook Site


As a reminder there is a Facebook Group "USITT Northern Boundary Section". The url is below:
If people want to do a group search they will find it. The group is set so that any member can post to the group so it is open to everyone in the region.