Carolyn Pierson, Communications Coordinator

Carolyn Pierson

Carolyn Pierson is no stranger to the St. Olaf College campus. As an undergrad student she often passed by the radio studio on her way to orchestra practice or class, unaware she would one day be walking through those doors as the communications coordinator. Now that she is here, Carolyn enjoys getting to know the listener audience, coordinating with radio stations across the country (and world!), and creating the newsletter every month.

Carolyn's greatest joy is making stories come alive, whether it be through photography, writing, or music. Before Sing For Joy, Carolyn worked on a documentary for the Discovery Channel, assisted in the studio of a memoir and photo-book publishing company in Minneapolis, and started writing for Twin Cities lifestyle magazines (Tiger Oak Publishing), which she still continues today. To balance out Carolyn's creative side she also spends time copy editing at Thomson Reuters, a legal publishing house in Minnesota.

When not at Sing For Joy or her other jobs, Carolyn can be found enjoying the outdoors alongside her husband and three children, fiddling away with a community orchestra in Minneapolis, and donning cross-country skis for the better half of the year.