Sing For Joy Program Downloads

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The files below are available in both an uncompressed .wav format and a 128k bitrate .mp3 format. Although we recommend (and prefer you use) the .wav format for its better sound quality, we have decided to offer the shows in an .mp3 format due to requests we have received from stations.

Please contact us if you have any questions or problems downloading or opening Sing For Joy files.

Full Programs

Each Sing For Joy program is 28:30 in length. The .wav files are around 300 MB, and the .mp3 files are around 27 MB. See below for the corresponding promos and playlists.


Each Sing For Joy program has a corresponding :30 promo that is around 6 MB (.wav) and 470 kb (.mp3).


A CSV-formatted playlist report is available for each episode. This report contains columns with the artist name, song name, album title, and track length. The file will open in any spreadsheet viewer, and is intended to assist you in meeting reporting requirements, including SoundExchange, ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC reporting.


Each Sing For Joy playlist lists the recording information for four shows. The file is a .pdf.

Show Date 28:30 Program :30 Promo Report
June 19, 2016 .wav .mp3 .wav .mp3 .csv
June 26, 2016 .wav .mp3 .wav .mp3 .csv
July 3, 2016 .wav .mp3 .wav .mp3 .csv
July 10, 2016 .wav .mp3 .wav .mp3 .csv
July 17, 2016 .wav .mp3 .wav .mp3 .csv
July 24, 2016 .wav .mp3 .wav .mp3 .csv
July 31, 2016 .wav .mp3 .wav .mp3 .csv
August 7, 2016 .wav .mp3 .wav .mp3 .csv

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FTP Downloads

Access is available to download Sing For Joy episodes via FTP. Please email for details.

Generic Promos

Generic Sing For Joy promos are available for download. These are not specific to each weekly program--for regular weekly promos, please use the download links above.

Generic :30 Promo .wav .mp3
Generic :60 Promo .wav .mp3