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September 2023 Newsletter (Year A)


On our September 10 show, we will close the program with a hymn text by one of my very favorite hymn writers of our current age, Susan Palo Cherwien. Cherwien was a prolific poet, crafting hymn texts that are at once accessible and multivalent, drawing us into imagery and metaphor without needing to over-explain. In my view, this is the mark of a truly wonderful hymn writer! Susan Palo Cherwien died only a year and a half ago, and at her request, her church in South Minneapolis observed a visitation celebration that included hymn singing, of course, but also tacos and margaritas. Susan was clearly full of joy and grace.

The hymn we will hear on Sing For Joy is her text, "Beloved, God's Chosen," based on a beautiful passage from Colossians 3. The epistle writer encourages his readers to "clothe [themselves] with love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony." Cherwien takes up this image: "Beloved, God's chosen, put on as a garment compassion, forgiveness, and goodness of heart. Above all, before all, let love be your raiment that binds into one every dissonant part." Paired with a mysterious — almost haunting — tune by Cherwien's friend Robert Hobby, the hymn is remarkable. I hope that you find it as inspiring as I do!

And speaking of clothing ourselves with love, this month we will say goodbye to a member of the Sing For Joy team who has done just that in the years since she has been part of the program's team! Rebecca Beam has served as Sing For Joy's audio engineer and editor since she graduated from St. Olaf College in 2018. We will miss having her as part of the team, and I will miss her generous leadership from the other side of the recording studio each time I record shows. I hope you'll join me in wishing Becca farewell as she begins her new adventure.

Blessings to you, Sing For Joy listeners, as you move into the fall season.

Rev. Alexandra M. Jacob

Program Host, Sing For Joy

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